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Stand Up Paddle Boarder's Elbow

Did you know that Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is one of the Fastest Growing Sports in the world?  Unfortunately along with this activity has come the advent of Paddle Boarder's elbow, the equivalent to Tennis Elbow in Stand Up Paddle Boarders.    Extremely uncomfortable, bothersome, and often debilitating, we are here to help!!  The SUPer Tennis Elbow Brace works for Paddle Boarder's Elbow too, in and out of the water! 

The SUPer Tennis elbow Brace at the 2012 Waikiki Paddle Festival, thanks to Glen Moncata and Quiksilver for their support!

Larry Haynes using the SUPer Tennis Elbow Brace

Look out for our new SUPer Paddler's Elbow Brace and sleeve model coming soon.

YouTube Video

North Shore Waterman Larry Haynes at Sunset beach using the SUPer Tennis Elbow Brace