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What is Tennis Elbow?/ Stretches to Do

Contrary to the name, Tennis elbow is one of the most common ailments to the elbow and upper extremity, found not only in tennis players, but in virtually all types of individuals who do repetitive manual activities. The medical term  Lateral Epicondylar Tendinopathy, is  felt to be caused from injury to the tendons of the elbow which control the muscles originating on the lateral epicondyle (outer elbow bony prominence).  

It  is estimated that Tennis Elbow affects 1-2 percent of the population , or  3-6 Million annual cases in the United States alone.

Older methods for treating  this condition include resting, using a counterforce forearm brace, performing steroid injections or surgery, all which have shown overall marginal results.

The Supination Brace utilizes elastic tension to encourage the user’s arm in both supination and extension to aleviate forces affecting the extensor tendons such as the extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle which originates from the lateral epicondyle.  

Leland Dao,
Mar 17, 2012, 12:23 AM