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About the The SUTEB

Dr. Dao explains how The SUPER Tennis Elbow Brace works

The SUPER Tennis Elbow Brace (SUTEB) was created by Dr. Leland Dao specifically for relief of the ever so common medical ailment known as Lateral Epicondylitis or Lateral Epicondyle Tendinopathy.  Tennis Elbow   is the more common term used to describe this condition, yet contrary to the name, this ailment is found not only in tennis players, but in 1-2 percent of the entire population!

The impetus for creating this product was recognizing the need for a new approach to managing Tennis Elbow pain,  Dr. Dao saw that current treatments were not effective. As a sufferer of the condition himself, he sought after a better treatment.  After researching and  reviewing the basic anatomic structures and positions of the elbow and forearm, Dr. Dao came up with the idea of a brace which uses a ingenious yet simple tension band design to supinate the forearm, which almost instantly improves tennis elbow pain! .

The potential to help the many Tennis Elbow sufferers was immediately recognized for such a great new product, which is a considerable improvement over older treatments.  Thus, the SUPER Tennis Elbow Brace was born, with the vision of being used on every nagging, tennis elbow in the world.

This patent pending device has completed preliminary research and development, with results showing that the SUPER Tennis Elbow Brace offers significant pain relief,  as well as attractive user appeal.

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