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                                        "It Works!"                    
    A Doctor's New Discovery for Tennis Elbow Treatment
   Our Brace is Different, Unique, and Comfortable-
  * FINALLY- relief from that nagging TENNIS ELBOW pain!!
  * 30 Day Money back guarantee!**
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SUTEB in the waves

                            Legendary Waterman Larry Haynes hitting the waves wearing the SUTEB 

Why Use The Super Tennis Elbow Brace?

Because it works!!!  This  new product was developed specifically for relief of Tennis Elbow (known medically as Lateral Epicondylitis or lateral epicondyle tendinopathy).  It is not only for tennis players though, this type of elbow pain is found in many individuals who do repetitive manual activities.  Stop suffering and try the SUPER TENNIS ELBOW BRACE today!!! 

Background on the Super Tennis Elbow Brace

The Super Tennis Elbow Brace was invented by Dr. Leland Dao, a Board Certified Physician who practices Family and Sports Medicine. He came up with the idea after suffering from nagging elbow pain himself.  After thorough medical review of this ever so common condition, he found that there were no really effective treatments. Dr. Dao went back and reviewed the basic elbow anatomy of the arm, and came up with  this unique brace design, which ingeniously brings the arm back into the true Anatomic position called Supination.  The Super Tennis Elbow Brace can offer immediate pain relief and healing from that terrible Tennis elbow pain.  Try the SUTEB, you will happy that you did!

Our Secret- Dynamic SUPINATION-No other Brace does this! 

*** We have had such successful results with the SUPER Tennis Elbow Brace that we want to guarantee your purchase!  If you are not completely satisfied, simply send the SUTEB back within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your money, (minus shipping and handling fees).  That's it.  We are confident that we have the best SUPER Tennis Elbow Brace on the market.
Sold Worldwide in USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Norway, South Africa, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and more!

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